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Reliable Process Service – Making or Breaking Your Case

Process Serving rules in Denver Colorado:

A reliable process server is your first line of defense against losing your case.

You have been wronged. You have filed legal action against the offending party. And now it’s time to make sure they get served up that big stack of paper from the court letting them know that a case has been filed and they are a part of it.

But how do you know where to go for reliable process service? Depending on the type of case or the jurisdiction under which the lawsuit was filed, there can be strict rules involved when it comes to serving legal paperwork. Some companies and individuals are not properly aware or equipped to handle this important responsibility which can leave you and your case at risk.

By using dishonest or incompetent process servers many negative issues can occur. Improper service can result in a counter case against you and the process serving company. It can also create a situation where the legal responsibility of the case rests on the fact that the defendant/respondent didn’t receive their paperwork using a legal method and or time frame. Sometimes, if the defendant/respondent does not show up to court because of improper service, the case may be dismissed altogether.

What is Process?

Process is the legal name given to the set of documents created by a court during legal proceedings. This paperwork allows the parties involved in a legal action written notice detailing a current case making them aware of their rights and responsibilities.

What is Service of Process?

Once documents have been issued by the court, they must be presented to or “served” to whoever is named in the legal action that has a responsibility to respond to it. This procedure must be done according to the rules within the jurisdiction where the legal action has been filed. Service of Process is another term for legal notice.

Why is Proper Service Important?


If service of process is correctly conducted, legal cases can proceed. If not, they can easily be thrown out of court causing a need to re-file a claim. If a defendant is served process properly and they then do not respond in accordance with the laws of the court they can be then found in default. For this reason Service of Process is one of the most important and original actions of a lawsuit that underpins its ultimate success or failure in a court of law!

This is why it is so important to use a Denver process server you can count on, at Elite, we go above and beyond to provide exceptional service to all of our clients in Denver and everywhere in Colorado.